MJB Group Human Resources continues to add new benefits and services to help you be the best employer possible.


MJB Group is more than just a cleaning service.  MJB Group gives you complete solution for all your home & official service needs


MJB Group routinely conducts security assessments and delivers security systems designs that meet each of our client’s needs and satisfaction.


MJB Group has an impressive air-conditioned fleet of vehicles of different seating capacities to provide comfortable and accomodating trips to its passengers.


MJB Group provides highly trained and well-experienced management executives, engineers and technical staff, consists of highly skilled workers and laborers.


Welcome to MJB Group

Our vision

Is to be the finest custodial and facility services company in the UAE. MJB Group commitment to exceptional customer service, it has grown into a leading professional custodial and facility management company in the Emirates. MJB is a diverse and innovative company able to handle large single facilities to multi-facility operations seamlessly.

We can create a comprehensive, customized plan based on your needs and deploy the latest technology, processes, quality control, training, and safety program to not only meet, but exceed your expectations. Our management team has well experience in the industry.


MJB group is the foundation of our company. We take great pride in our work and the partnership we have formed with our clients. Our goal is to “meet the total needs” of clients and we strive everyday to add value to partnership with clients. We stand ready to be your provider of choice for all of your custodial and supply needs.

Full List of Services

• Air-conditioning, Ventilations and Air Filtration Systems Installation & Maintenance

• Plumbing & Sanitary Contracting

• Painting Contracting

• Carpentary & Flooring Contracting

• Insulation Contracting

• Electrical Fittings & Fixtures Services

• Building Cleaning Services

• Events Security & Private Guarding Services

• HR & Management Consultancy

Safety & Training

Each team member is trained to comply with MJB and client policies and procedures. We also provide hands-on training and hard copies of the following:

• Company policies, rules and procedures

• Employee handbook

• Organizational structure

• Emergency procedures and security

• Quality assurance – customer satisfaction

• Technical skills – technique and enhancement

Why Outsource?

Making the decision to outsource your facility services is an important strategic business decision that can reap many benefits. Listed below are just three reasons why you should consider outsourcing your facility service needs to MJB.

1. Redeploy Assets / Resources: This allows the client to focus on core business activity: In growth periods, the back-office functions of companies will expand also, putting tremendous pressure on human and financial resources. Outsourcing will allow refocusing on business activities that are important without sacrificing quality or service. The greatest benefit of outsourcing is operational, continuity, risk management, and staffing controls.

2.  Cost and Efficiency Savings: Outsourcing can save money by allowing you to establish a budget that gives complete and accurate control of those functions that are not core to your business, thereby creating a fixed expense instead of a variable expense which is easier to manage and plan for. When outsourcing you can easily adjust your resources and personnel to accommodate your needs.You can also have a customized plan created as needed, which we can prepare for you.

3.  Partnership: By outsourcing your janitorial, custodial, and building maintenance needs to MJB, you gain a trusted, respected, and proven leader in the business. You will be able to leverage our knowledge and experience to save money and time, thereby

What will you get from MJB?

24 hrs service including trades services.

Highest standard.

Total facility services under one roof.

Customized solutions as per customer requirements.

Silent vacuum cleaning equipment will provide on request.

We will

RECOGNISE and IMPLEMENT the timely delivery of a quality service which conforms to the customer's specification and is right first time.

SUPPORT the systems and procedures that control our operating processes ,which ensure objectives are met.

ENSURE all our employees understand and share our commitment.

PROVIDE our employees with the knowledge, training and equipment to achieve our policy.

MAINTAIN a program of continuous improvement through all levels of the company.

SET objectives to maintain continuous improvement.

SEEK the advice and support of our customers to maintain and improve quality.

Only by achieving a ‘Right First Time’ reputation with all our customers, can we fulfil the basic requirements for job security, future development and enhance our business performance. Our company is built on our reputation, and in order for our business to develop, we recognise that our commitment and service to our clients must be our top priority. It is this belief that the Directors and Management of MJB Group are committed to.

What sets us apart from the traditional service providers is the quality ofour staff and their genuine commitment to service.

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